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This website is intended to be used by the Kekoolani ohana and other ohana related by blood and marriage. If you are not family. you may recieve an invitation to view this site and use it's content in your own family records or research projects by emailing us at dean.kekoolani@sbcglobal.net      MAHALO.


      Kumu Aloha Keko'olani


Kekoolani Genealogy Database

A large database  for researching genealogy. Contains information on the Kekoolani family and other descendants of the chiefs of Old Hawaii. Includes a link to download the complete database as a GEDCOM file.


Ali'i Charts

Graphic flow charts showing the lineage of the Kekoolani ohana from the ruling chiefs of  of Kauai, Oahu, Maui and the Big Island.


Kekoolani Pedigrees

Lists  for the descendants of Charles Peleioholani Kekoolani (1875-1942) and his wife Lillian Kanakaole Kaeo Kekoolani (1882-1923) showing their chiefly ancestory.


Hussey Pedigrees

Lists for the descendants of  Nawai Kekoolani (b. 1875) and his wife Emily Kaelehiwa Hussey showing their chiefly ancestory and their hapa-hoale roots in New England, England and Normandy.

Family History

The Story of the Kekoolani Family

An overview of the Kekoolani family. Ends with a focus on the family of Nawai Kekoolani and Emily Hussey, but contains information relevant to many other living branches. Information on family patriarch Solomon Lehuani Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani.



About the Hawaiian homestead of the Kekoolani family on the Big Island's Hamakua coast.


Kekoolani-Hussey Family Reunion 2005

Photo gallery, schedule of events, and luau banquet program for the reunion of descendants of Nawai Kekoolani and Emily Hussey Kekoolani.



Pathways of Polynesia (Peter Marsh)

A website by Peter Marsh, who agrees with the unusual teachings of our kupuna Ali'i Solomon L.K. Peleioholani which state that the ancient Hawaiian people came not from the South Pacific, but from the North America and that our people's ancient ancestral homeland is the continental area stretching from Alaska to Canada.




Family Search

Genealogy records of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormon Church). Searchable database. An excellent research resource for anyone interested in genealogy.




New Family Search

A different  website for LDS Church Members only. Check ordinance completion for your ancestors, edit informatiion, prepare temple work for your ancestors, submit ordinance requests. To use this site, you must register and acquire a username and a password. You will to know your church membership number and confirmation date in order to register. See your ward clerk to find your church membership number. He may also be able to help you find your confirmation date. The original "Family Search" website  is still available for non-members to use.





This website is dedicated to the memory of Nawai and Emily Kekoolani.

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