Kekoolani Family Genealogy



There are a total of  25 major genealogies (pedigree lists) from the different Hawaiian islands which describe the lineage of the descendants of Charles Peleioholani Kekoolani and his wife Lillian Kaeo Kanakaole. These will be added to this page as they become available for publication.













The First Chiefly Lineage of Lillian Kaeo Kekoolani


An Ulu genealogy from the Big Island (Hawai'i), showing lineal descent from the ruling chiefs (kings) and high chiefs of Hawai'i Island. Ancestors include Isaac Davis and Captain Alexander Adams. 100 generations beginning from within the Kumulipo Chant at an estimated date of 513 B.C.




The Second Chiefly Lineage of Lillian Kaeo Kekoolani


Another Ulu genealogy reaching into Maui, showing lineal descent from both the ruling chiefs (kings) Hawai'i Island and the pre-conquest Kings of Maui. There is a separate Maui lineage for the family from Lillian's husband, Charles. But they share many common ancestors.




The Kanakaole Lineage of Lillian Kaeo Kekoolani


A genealogy of the Big Island of the Kanakaole ohana, beginning with the progenitor of the lineage named Mukoi.








The First Royal O'ahu Lineage of Charles P. Kekoolani from King Kahahana 


A Nanaulu genealogy of  Oahu, inherited by the Kekoolani ohana from Maweke and his son Moikeha, showing the relations through intermarriage of the Maui Royal Family and Oahu Royal Family. We observe also descent from King Peleioholani, through his daughter Kaionuilalahai, who was the mother of our ancestor King Kahahana, last ruling king of O'ahu before Kamehameha's unification. We can also see our descent from the sacred ancientchiefs of Central O'ahu.