Kekoolani Genealogy of the Descendants of the Ruling Chiefs of Hawaii



1Ka Makaainana (newspaper) JULY 13, 1896 "Mookuauhau Ali'i: Na Iwikuamoo o Hawaii Nei Mai Kahiko Mai" ((Hoomau ia mai kela mai) Reprinted in "HAWAIIAN GENEALOGIES VOLUME 1" (Edith McKinzie)).

2Kuikahi Family Genealogy (Kekoolani-Kuikahi Letters 2007-2008).
Information from email correspondence between Myles Kuikahi and Dean P. Kekoolan, based on information from members of the Kuikahi family.

3Oukah, Emperor of Tsalagi., Royal and Noble Genealogies of Hawaii, 1999, Dallas, TX: Triskelion Press. CS2204 .O85 1998.
This is a very good compilation of Hawaiian Genealogy by a non-Hawaiian. It contains a lot of information that has become difficult to access. It contains some errors, but it is overall a valuable resource and has a lot of reliable data. The author claims to be a very high ranking chief (perhaps the highest) of the Cherokee Nations of Texas. This could not be confirmed. The author also seems somewhat controversial among Cherokees. His Hawaiian genealogy research is very well done, whatever his personal back story may be.

4Kuikahi Family Genealogy.


1Barrere, Dorothy B., Kamehahea in Kona: Two Documentary Studies (Sept. 1975 / Department of Anthropology, Bernice P. Bishop Museum, Honolulu, Hi.).
Death in 1826.