Hussey Coat of Arms (right) - Cross Verte (Green) on Yellow Field for John Hussey created 1st Baron of Old Sleaford by King Henry VIII.




Cor Immobile

“Heart Immovable”


Castle of Falaise

The home of WilliamHussey's grandfather, Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy.


Cor Immobile

Ancestry from New England, England and Normandy
30 Generations / 900 Years




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The Hussey family were early settlers of America who came from England. It is believed they were a Quaker family who migrated to the colonies for religious reasons via the Netherlands on a ship that included Puritans. It is very likely that they watched the Mayflower leave Antwerp and followed soon afterward. An old English family of knights and nobles, the Husseys descend from Normans who were related to and fought for William the Conqueror ("William the Bastard") during his conquest of England. The Normans were originally Scandinavians that invaded northern France and, settling there, established a powerful presence that played a key role in the history of France, England and Denmark.



The earliest claimed progenitor of the Hussey family in Normandy is Hugh Hussey (Hugh Husse). It is said that he married one of the illegitimate children of Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy, a woman named Helen ("Helena of Normandy"). This marriage and the existence of a daughter of Richard III called Helen has not yet been proven.

William Hussey, the son of Hugh Hussey and his wife Helen, was born about 1030 in Normandy. It is believed that he accompanied his uncle William the Conqueror in his invasion of England and participated in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. The name "Husse" appears on the Abbey Roll which documents the warriors who followed William to England. It is suggested that William Hussey held land in Somersetshire, probably Sanford manor, as his portion of the spoils of conquest. He and his brother, Walter Hussey were listed as residents of Somersetshire in 1080 living in the vicinity of Bath, according to the "Domesday Book." It records that Walter Hussey held tenancy of Little Sutton manor "of William de Mohun,". 



After the Conquest of England, knights of the Hussey family were elevated by the kings of England to the rank of baron three times. The Husseys were traditional barons of Honington (longest barony), then of Sleaford (briefly) and later Caythorpe. The Hussey family is extensive and has many branches, including a branch in Ireland. Our line descends from the Husseys who were the barons of Honington and Sleaford and who were important administrators in the government of the Tudor monarchs. John Hussey, 1st Baron of Sleaford , was one of three nobles who carried the cradle of the infant Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII and future Queen of England, during the ceremony of her official presentation to the English people.



The early genealogy of the Husseys in England can on occasion be difficult to trace since this was a period of great upheaval and rapid displacements. However, the because of their importance in the new Anglo-Norman kingdom, the history of the Hussey (Husee) family is well-documented and there is general agreement among English historians and genealogists about this family tree. We are currently confirming the exact family arrangements of Generations 2 through 8. It is only in the details that the recognized genealogies of England differ regarding the early Hussey family. They are all in general agreement which each other. There are only two important points of dispute in the following genealogy. The first is Generation 1, which proposes the existence of children born to Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy by a concubine. The existence of illegitimate children, and the fact that one of them was a girl named Helen who married a Hugh Hussey (Husee) has not been positively proven.

The other point of dispute is Generation 17, which proposes that John Hussey, father of Captain Christopher Hussey (progenitor of the American Hussey family), is the same John Hussey who is the son of George Hussey of the great Sleaford and Honington Hussey family. Although currently not accepted by the New England Genealogical and Historical Society, this generation can be proven. This proof is based on the history of two other English families, the Stydolfs (Stidolf) of Norbury (now "Norbury Park") and the Wimbletons. A study of these families and their land holdings makes it possible to positively connect John Hussey of Dorking to George Hussey of Old Sleaford. This generation should be accepted and the controversy put to rest based on the documentation we will publish in a monograph in 2008.

We, the Hawaiian branch of the Hussey family, accept our kuleana to maintain and clarify the ku'auhau of the Hussey family, in accordance with the traditions of the people of Polynesia, to whom the genealogies, especially of warriors and high chiefs remain today of great spiritual and cosmic importance. We lovingly and respectfully include our English kupuna grafted to the tree of Hawaiian chiefs through marriage with the ohana of the alii Opunui of Waipio Valley and the ohana of the venerable alii wahine Kaai-Kaula-Kalei-Kau-Welaha-Makanoe Naweluokekikipaa of Kohala. These English kupuna include men and women of well-known pedigree who are understood by the keepers of their people's genealogies to descend through the generations in great dignity and honor as they do from the koko of the warriors and chiefs of their land. We will remember them always and pray the performance of our duties is judged acceptable to them. We will submit our proof to the New England Genealogical Society with the hope of having this question of generational succession resolved appropriately so that all will be pono with these ancestors.








Na Makuakane (Father)


Na Makuahine (Mother)

Na Keiki (Child)











Hugh Hussey
(Hugh De Huse, Hugh De Hoese)


Helen of Normandy
("Helena of Normandy", possible daughter of Richard III, 5th Duke of Normandy, by a concubine. She would therefore be a first cousin of William the Conqueror)

William Hussey (b.1030)





Walter Hussey (b.1035)






John Hussey (b.1040)







Hubert Hussey (b.1045)




Arrival of Hussey Family into England from France (Norman Invasion)




William Hussey (Normandy)



Hugh Hussey




Hugh Hussey



Henry Hussey (b.1110)
(Sanford Manor, Somersetshire)







Hugh Hussey (b.1115)
(Sanford Manor, Somersetshire)







Walter Hussey (b.1118)
(Sanford Manor, Somersetshire)







William Hussey (b.1120)
(Sanford Manor, Somersetshire)




Hugh Hussey, believed to be a son of William Hussey, was born about 1070 probably at Sanford manor, Somersetshire. He is identified as the progenitor of Henry Hussey in "History of Berkshire."  He is believed to have held land in Sussex in 1100.  Henry Hussey, son of Hugh Hussey, was born about 1110, probably at Sanford manor, according to Cokayne's "Complete Peerage."  He was married about 1145 to Avice Tisun, daughter of Adam Tisun.  




Walter Hussey



Hugh Hussey




As early as 1156 and until 1172 Walter Hussey held Penkridge manor, Staffordshire.




Hugh Hussey



John Hussey




Hugh Hussey was "in the king's wardship from 1209 to 12l4," according to "Rolls of Arms of Henry III."




John Hussey



John Hussey
Sir John de Huse (b.1250, Knight of Nottingham)







Hugh Hussey
Sir Hugh le Hussey (b.1255, Knighted 1306)




John Hussey, son of Hugh Hussey, was born about 1219, probably in Staffordshire.  Later he removed to Nottinghamshire.  




Hugh Hussey
Sir Hugh le Hussey (Knighted 1306)



Hugh Hussey (b.1285)




Hugh Hussey,  a son of John Hussey, was born about 1255, probably in Nottinghamshire.  "Sir Hugh le Hussey" was knighted with Edward,Prince of Wales, May 22, 1306, according to "Hussey Record."  "Sir Hugh de Hose" in 1308 witnessed a deed at Flamborough, Nottinghamshire, according to "Manuscripts of the Bishop of London." 




Hugh Hussey



Hugh Hussey
(b.1330 Nottinghamshire)







Margaret Hussey
(b.1332 Nottinghamshire)







Henry Hussey
(b.1335 Nottinghamshire)




Henry Hussey


Daughter of John Methley of Elston

William Hussey (b.1357)




William Hussey


Daughter of William Staunton

John Hussey (b.1377)







William Hussey (b.1379)




William Hussey


Eleanor Lumley
(Daughter of Ralph Lumley, 1st Baron Lumley and Eleanor Neville)

John Hussey of Old Sleaford




The British Harelian Society, Volume 51, Lincolnshire Pedigrees, was compiled in about 1750. Pages 526 - 532 contain an extensive genealogy of "Hussey of Sleaford and Honington" that starts with the above William Hussey in the late 14th century and continues through about 1750.  One line of this genealogy is presented here. It runs from William Hussey, born about 1391, through John Hussey, born in the late 1500's.  The Lincolnshire Pedigrees for this specific Hussey line ends with that John Hussey with no information other than his name.  However, that John Hussey's family is of Surrey County, England, the same county as the John Hussey who is the father of the recognized immigrant to America in 1632, Christopher Hussey.




John Hussey of Old Sleaford


Elizabeth Noffield
(Elizabeth Nesfield, Elizabeth Neffield, Elizabeth Sheffield)

William Hussey
(Sir Knight, Lord Chief Justice)






Gilbert Hussey







Thomas Hussey




William Hussey
(Sir Knight, Lord Chief Justice)


Elizabeth Berkeley
(Daughter of Thomas Berkeley of Wymondham)

Robert Hussey of Linwood





William Hussey (Sir)







Mary Hussey







Elizabeth Hussey
(Countess of Kent)







John Hussey
(1st Baron of Sleaford)







Thomas Hussey







Gilbert Hussey




Sir William Hussey, knight, an eminent lawyer in the time of King Edward IV, after filling the office of attorney-general, and having been called by writ to the degree of serjeant at law, was constituted lordchief justice of the court of the King's Bench, in the 17th year of that monarch's reign, when he received an allowance of 140 marks, for greater state. He was living temp. Henry VII, as is evident by this inscription over his arms, in the semicircular or bow window, of Grey's Inn Hall, viz., "W. House mile capitalls justiclarius de bancoregis, temp. R. Henry VII" One of the windows of the chapel, belonging to the same inn, are his arms impaling those of his wife, with the following inscription, "Will. Hussee miles capitalis justic. ad placita coram rege, et Elizabeth a uxor ejur filia Thomas Berkeley arm."




John Lord Hussey
(1st Baron of Sleaford)


Margaret Blount

William Hussey (Sir Knight)






Anne Grey
(Daughter of George Grey, 2º Earl of Kent)

Giles Hussey (Sir)






Thomas Hussey







Elizabeth Hussey
(Baroness Hungerford of Heystesbury)







Bridget Hussey
(Countess Rutland / Countess Dowager Bedford)







Anne Hussey







Dorothy Hussey







Mary Hussey







William Hussey




According to the Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Sir John Hussey of Sleaford, Knight, 1° son and heir; Sheriff of county Lincoln 9 Henry VII; aet. 30 at his father's death; Knight of the King's Body 5 Henry VIII; Chief Butler of England 13 Henry VIII; summoned to Parliament 3 Nov 21 Henry VIII, 1529; tried for treason and beheaded at Lincoln 29 Jun 29 Henry VIII, 1537; his children were later restored in blood only (no land restored) by Queen Elizabeth I, 1562. See also Cokayne, "Complete Peerage", 2° ed., vol. VII, pgs. 15-17.

In 1536, his wife Anne Grey was sent to
London Tower for continuing to refer to the supposedly 'illegitimized' Mary (the future Queen Mary I), daugter of Henry VIII by his divorced wife Catalina de Aragon, as 'princess'. 




Giles Hussey (Sir)


Jane Pigot
(Daughter and coheir of Thomas Pigot of Clotheram)

Francis Hussey






Alice Hussey






Elizabeth Hussey







Thomas Hussey




"Knights of England", vol II, p 45 lists: Giles Hussey - 1523, Jul 1. Knights made by the Lord Admiral after taking of Morlaix "for their hardness and courage". He was probably about 18 at this time. Bravery, family, standing, etc. counted more than a mature age. Over the years, many Husseys of England and Ireland were knighted. Giles's half brother, William was knighted in 1513. According to the Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Sir Giles Hussey of Caythorpe, was knighted by the Earl of Surrey at the Sacking of Morlaix in France 1522. 




Thomas Hussey


Bridget Bowes

George Hussey (II)







John Hussey







Elizabeth Hussey
(married Thomas Stydolf, Jr.)




Thomas may have been named after his father's brother, Thomas. It has been clearly proven that his daughter Elizabeth Hussey married Thomas Stydolf Jr., son of Thomas Stydolf Sr.of Norbury Park, Mickelham Parish, County Surrey. The Stydolf and Hussey families were both at one time the owners of Norbury. Norbury's parish is Mickelham, which is the next parish over from Dorking Parish. George Hussey married Elizabeth Stydolf. So we have a brother and sister (George and Elizabeth Hussey) marrying another pair of sister and brother(Thomas Jr. and Elizabeth Stydolf). Stydolf appears in literature as Stidolf, Stydolph and Stidolph. They are a prominent aristocratic English family associated closely with the Tudors and with the history of Surrey County.




George Hussey (II)


Elizabeth Stydolf
(dau. of Thomas Stydolf Sr. , sister of Thomas Stydolf, Jr. of Norbury near Dorking)

John Hussey




John Hussey


Mary Wood
(Mary Woodlin) 

Captain Christopher Hussey






(Child) Hussey







John Hussey, Jr.







Joseph Hussey







Marie Hussey




The New England Genealogical and Historical Society (as of 1996) does not recognize any Hussey genealogy before this John Hussey, born in Dorking about 1570. They believe it has not been sufficiently proven that he is indeed the son of George Hussey. However, the history of Surrey County, specifically the history of the Hussey and Stydolf families in Norbury (now "Norbury Park"), which is next to Dorking, indicates that John Hussey, father of Christopher, is the same John listed as a son of George in the English "Lincolnshire Pedigrees". (MS. C.23, Herald's College). Dorking Parish church records, Mickelham Parish records, and the connection between the Husseys of Sleaford and their double marriages to the Stuydols of Norbury (near Dorking) are among the reasons many, including the Plantagenet Organization (USA) now accept that this John is the son of George and Elizabeth Hussey (and not Hugh Hussey and Ellen Devereux as stated in some incorrect genealogies).


The historic connections of the Hussey family to the area surrounding Dorking, particularly Norbury, runs deep. the Hussey family history is interwoven tightly with those of the Wimbleton and Stydolf families, important governing families of Surrey County (including Dorking parish). This includes many generations of intermarriage and land transfers in and around the Dorking area, as well as a common bond of service to the Tudor monarchy. The idea the Sleaford is too far away from Dorking for John to be the son of George should be re-examined with a larger view historic perspective . We are currently preparing monograph pending Stydolf documentation we hope to acquire from the Surrey History Center. - DPK (2008)




Captain Christopher Hussey


Theodate Bachelor 

Stephen Hussey




Arrival of Hussey Family into America




Christopher Hussey was one of the original settlers of New Hampshire, from England. Christopher was admitted freeman in 1634 having journeyed to America on the William and Francis which arrived 5 Jun 1632. In 1635 he was one of the first settlers in Hampton, New Hampshire. In 1639 he served as representative and again in 1658, 1659 and 1660. He was a provincial counsellor of New Hampshire and proprietor of Nantucket Island, Mass.





Stephen Hussey


Martha Bunker 

Silvanus Hussey
(Sylvanus Hussey)




Silvanus Hussey
(Sylvanus Hussey)


Hephzibah Starbuck 

Christopher Hussey, Sr.




Christopher Hussey, Sr.


Mary Coffin

Christopher Hussey, Jr.




Christopher Hussey, Jr.


Lydia Manchester 

Albert Hussey




Albert Hussey


Elizabeth Starbuck

Joseph Starbuck Hussey







George Starbuck Hussey







Daniel Hussey







Albert Hussey (Jr.)







Benjamin M. Hussey







William Starbuck Hussey







Thomas Starbuck Hussey







Elizabeth Starbuck Hussey







Reuben Hussey







David M. Hussey







Christopher Coffin Hussey







Sarah Hussey







Obed Hussey







James Hussey




Joseph Starbuck Hussey


Lydia Emmet Pollard

Alexander Pollard Hussey







George Hussey







(Child) Hussey







Sarah Hussey




Arrival of Hussey Family into Hawaii




Alexander P. Hussey,carpenter and cabinet maker, son of Joseph Starbuck Hussey and Lydia E. Pollard Hussey, was born April 14, 1825 on Nantucket Island, and traveled to Hawaii where he fathered two well-known families on the Big Island (Hawaii Island) and is remembered by many descendants.  It is erroneously reported in Nantucket records that Alexander P. Hussey "died single."




He left New England on th ship 'Columbus' of Fairhaven, Massachusetts, which is across the harbor from New Bedford, Massachusetts.  This ship was under the command of Capt. Fish (no first name given) and sailed from the above port November 13, 1843 for the Northwest Pacific ocean for whaling.  The agents of the ship were Gibbs and Jenney of New Bedford, Massachusetts.  After a very successful voyage of 23 months the 'Columbus' arrived in Hawaii October 12, 1845 with 800 barrels of sperm oil, 2,400 barrels of whale oil and 14,000 pounds of whale bone.  It remained there until November 24, 1845 when it sailed for home, arriving in Fairhaven April 13, 1846.  The records show only this one trip from Fairhaven to Hawaii for Alexander Hussey. 




Alexander eventually settled in Waipio Valley on the Hamakua coast of Hawaii Island. This valley was once the royal center for many of Hawaii's early kings. There he married Manaiakalani ("Manaia"), daughter of the ali'i (chief) Opunui, who had served as a warrior and ambassador for first monarch of a united Hawaii, Kamehameha the Great during his conquest of the islands. In 1862, Alexander Hussey and Manaia had one child: a boy named George Alika Hussey. "Alika" is the Hawaiian for "Alexander". A historical study of Waipio Valley by the Bishop Museum refers to George Alika Hussey as "Alika Hussey". He became a respected taro grower in the Valley. His granddaughter, Emily Kaelehiwa Hussey married Nawai Kekoolani. George Alika Hussey and his son, George Alika Hussey, Jr. are buried in Waipio Valley at the family cemetery located on the land he recieved from his grandfather, the chief Opunui, now held by the Kekoolani Family Trust. A book entitled "The Husseys of Waipio Valley" by Amy Kekoolani Akao, George's great granddaughter, documents the expansion of the Hussey family of Waipio Valley.




Alexander Hussey recieved a commission to build a church in Kohala, on the other side of  the island. He left Waipio Valley and relocated to Kohala temporarily, leaving Manaia and her son George Alika Hussey at Waipio Valley with the Opunui family. In Kohala, he met and married another Hawaiian woman Kaai-Kaula-Kalei-Kau-Welaha-Makanoe Naweluokekikipaaa (or Makanoe Ka'aikaula).  Fourteen children were born to them, and in 1979 over 400 descendants had been recorded from this Kohala branch of the Hussey family alone. 




Alexander Pollard Hussey died in Kohala on May 10, 1896 at 77 years of age, the patriarch of a large and well respected Hawaiian family. He was buried at Niulii, Kohala, Hawaii.




Alexander Pollard Hussey


(1) Manaiakalani Opunui
(Daughter of Ke Ali'i Opunui Waipio Valley)

George Alika Hussey Sr.
("Alika" Hussey)






(2) Makanoe Ka'aikaula
(Kaai-Kaula-Kalei-Kau-Welaha-Makanoe Naweluokekikipaa of Kohala)

Abraham Hussey






Kealohapauole Hussey






Harriet Hussey







Joseph Hussey







Lily Hussey







Alexander Hussey







Sarah Hussey







Caroline Hussey







Abraham Hussey







Pheobe Hussey







William Hussey







Louisa Hussey







Albert Hussey







Thomas Hussey






(3) Emelia Davis

(no issue)




George Alika Hussey Sr.
("Alika" Hussey)


(1) Kea Keaweiwi

George Alika Hussey Jr. (Alika Hussey, Jr.)
Maria Hussey





(2) Poai Kuakahi






(3) Kealoha Naholowaa





George Alika Hussey Jr.


Ellarine Papaihaleonaalii Moi Kaawa 

Jennie Kahanohano Hussey






Louisa Manaiakalani Hussey







William Lono Hussey







Mary Kuulei Hussey







Hannah Leialoha Hussey







Emily Kaelehiwa Hussey







John Maikaaloa Hussey







George Hussey, III







Samuel Hussey







Albert Muller Hussey







Peter Keaweiwi Hussey




Nawai Kekoolani, Sr. (k.)


Emily Kaelehiwa Hussey (w.)
(b. 1907)

Norman Nawai Kekoolani 






Nawai Kekoolani, Jr.







Katherine Olivian Kahanohano Kekoolani 







Amy Charlotte Kaelehiwa Kekoolani 







Pearl Piilani Kekoolani







Charles Peleioholani Kekoolani 







Myra Naomi Kealoha ("Kolani") Kekoolani 







Vivian Shirley Keaolani Kekoolani







Winifred Napualeialohaakuku Kekoolani







Henry Paakiki Kekoolani


The Grandchildren of Nawai Kekoolani and Emily Kaelehiwa Hussey




Nawai Kekoolani, Jr.


Mira Scheuermann

Karin Pualeilani Kekoolani (Dvorak)







Darnel Hildegard Kuualoha Kekoolani (Doty)







Amy Lieselotte Kaelehiwa Kekoolani (Williams)






Deanne Saemi Takeshita

[no issue]




Katherine Olivian Kahanohano Kekoolani (w.)


James B. Reyes (k.)

Jamene Kuuleialoha Reyes

(Mrs. Kelly G. French)







Norman Bruce Burelle Kuuipoaloha Reyes






Peter Kapukui (k.)

Kaype Hope Kauiowaolani Kapukui






Jesse Coleman Curry (k.)

Guy Darren "Skipper" Curry







Kevin Wade Curry




Amy Charlotte Kaelehiwa Kekoolani (w.)


Wilfred Kuualoha Brown (k.)

Nephi Pomaikai Brown






Lehi Wilfred Kekoolani "Lani" Brown






Wilfred Kuualoha Brown (k.)
(children from Wilfred's previous wife Nora Kahakulani Wright Kaululaau)

Mary Agnes Kuualoha Brown (hanai)






Gregory Kahiwa Brown (hanai)






Enos Kahipa Akao (k.)

[no issue]




Charles Peleioholani Kekoolani  (III) 


Patricia (Hensel) Zolman 

Dean Pua Kekoolani







Patricia Malia Kekoolani







Dawn Aloha Kekoolani






Nancy Kaminga

Celeste Leilani Kekoolani






Annie Cruz 

Nawai Bruce Quentin Kekoolani




Myra Naomi Kealoha ("Kolani") Kekoolani (w.)


Harold Kalawaia Chartrand (k.)

Puakahi Desiree Chartrand






Nawai Hal Chartrand






Uwao Chandler Chartrand






Hina Manaia Georgette Chartrand







Kahaealani Halmyra Chartrand




Winifred Napualeialohaakuku Kekoolani (w.)


Herman John Silva

Garnet Kuumomialoha Silva






Rockwell Keola Silva






Lyle Philip Hoolulu Silva






Derek Alika Silva






Jade Pumehana Silva




Henry Paakiki Kekoolani


Evelyn Mae Chang

Natalie Leialoha Kekoolani







Henry Paakiki Kekoolani, Jr.







Charles Peleioholani Kekoolani (IV)







Joel Piilani Kekoolani







Mae I'ulani Kekoolani




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