A Place Called Kalōpā

By Amy Keko'olani Akao (2002)

A Place Called Kalōpā was written in 2002 by Amy Kekoolani Akao, who was born and raised at Kalōpā. The book is no longer available in hard copy form. You may download it as a PDF file and reprint these pages.  Please cite this work correctly in bibilographies. ō

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A Place Called Kalōpā



Cover, Front Matter and Dedication



Kalōpā Memories (Pages 1 - 18)



The Way To Kalōpā



History of Kalōpā



My Life in Kalōpā


Two Deaths in Our Home


My Dad and Mom


Pā‛auilo School


Abscess in My Glands


Working in the Canefields of My Grandmother


Matsunaga Store


Childhood in Old Kalōpā (Pages 9 - 19)



The Kalōpā Ditch



The Sugar Cane Flume



Song: The Kalōpā Ditch by Amy Kekoolani Akao



Song: The Sugar Cane Flume by Amy Kekoolani Akao



Games We Played in Kalōpā



Activities That Kept Us Busy



Cliff Pond



Jim Pond



Ishii Store



Churches of Kalōpā  (Page 20 - 30)



The Catholic Church



The LDS (Mormon) Church and the Kekoolani Family



The Hāmākua Jodo Mission



The Kalōpā LDS Graveyard



Kalōpā through the Years  (Page 31 - 38)



Fourth of July



Christmas In Kalōpā


Song: I Remember Christmas By Amy Kekoolani Akao



Song: Christmas Serenad By Amy Kekoolani Akao



The War Years



Graduation from Pa‛auilo Intermediate School



Our House In Kalōpā Burns to the Ground



Kalōpā Families  (Page 38 - 52) 



Families That Lived in Kalōpā When We Were There



Henry Keomalu



The Ferreira Family



The Wachi Family



The Needham Family



The Rodrigues Family



The Gomes Family



The Kamauoha Family



Meeting Up With Johnny Kamauoha Again



The Road Back to Kalōpā (Page 52 - 59) 



Reflections Of Kalōpā



Song: ‛O Kalōpā I Ka La‛i









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