The Ancient History of Hookumu-ka-lani Hookumu-ka-honua

by Solomon Lehuanui Kalaniomaiheuila Peleioholani

This work was originally written by Solomon Peleioholani in longhand and then translated into English and typed by his friend the newspaper editor J.M. Poepoe. This is a 45-page review and commentary of the ancient Hawaiian cosmogonies (creation theories). It includes some corrections of popular but mistaken ideas. There is also rare missing information from his own family traditions. Among these, the information that the now lost Hookumu-ka-lani Hookumu-ka-honua mele was the most superior chant, containing and eclipsing even the venerable Kumulipo. In this work he gives the opening lines of the Hookumukalani Hookukahonua. This rare fragment is all that is preserved of this precious chant today. The fragment (Page 1) describes the creation of heaven and earth. Later, he recites a prayer of thanksgiving offered by the Hawaiians who arrived from Alaska. In this very ancient chant, the Arctic Ocean is also named and described.

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